Stephanie D. Johnson, CEO, Entrepreneur, Mom, Celebrity Maternity Concierge & Speaker


I am Stephanie Johnson, Founder and CEO of Bed Rest Concierge LLC, devoted mother to Harlow Grace, Mompreneur, public speaker, business mentor, author, bed rest expert and at the end of the day exhausted.


I have been very fortunate in my business endeavors, I took a simple idea at a vulnerable time and with focus, energy and total dedication, transformed my life. I found the courage to create the life I wanted to live. Taking a small loan and working tirelessly on my Vision, Business and Mission has lead my company and brand to be the #1 Maternity Concierge Service in the U.S.


With National recognition from The Huffington Post and being a featured guest on The Bethenny Frankel Talk Show as an Inspiring Entrepreneur, I am able to empower women and entrepreneurs to achieve their own dreams.


Success was my only option.


Stephanie D. Johnson, honored by the Dallas Business Journal – Top Women in Business 2013

Stephanie D. Johnson, honored by the Dallas Business Journal – 40 Under 40, 2013


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Speaking Style

Inspiration, Guts and Passion


When Stephanie is your featured speaker, audiences will be entertained through Stephanie’s boundless energy and effortless message delivery.  Her personal story entwined with a strong business message will be inspiring to everyone who hears her speak.  Through audience participation and engaging relevant topics, Stephanie creates an inspirational environment that will have everyone thinking of new ways to energize their business efforts.


Stephanie regularly speaks to:

  • Women In Leadership
  • Conferences and Conventions
  • College Groups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start Up Companies
  • Chamber of Commerce Groups
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Seminars and Trade Shows
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • College Commencement Speeches
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • and more

“Turning ideas into reality, that’s what I do best” Stephanie D. Johnson

Speaking Topics


Stephanie shares Life, Business and The Pursuit Of Having It All



Your Vision, Business and Mission Should Keep You Up At Night – If Not It’s A Hobby!

This topic is near and dear to my heart.  When I started Bed Rest Concierge the thought consumed me, I told everyone, I thought about it day and night, that was my clue that I needed to act on it, sooner than later.  In this talk we will discuss action, once your Vision, Business and Mission begin to consume you, Action, Urgency and Focus can lead to greatness and profitability.  Unlock your inner passion and go for it, with no fears, no ceilings, and absolutely NO EXCUSES.


Relationship Networking – Mastering the GIVE

It’s courageous to call a CEO and ask for 5 minutes of their valuable time, it’s crazy not to have your GIVE ready. Cultivating business relationships is vital to the success of your business.  Understanding and Mastering the Give is the key to relationship networking success.

  •  - looking beyond the sale to build long term business relationships
  •  - what is your give?
  •  - creating pull and buzz that will have others excited to give you 5 minutes of their valuable time


Capitalize On Unmet Needs and Dominate Your Niche Market

You want to be the only business selling your unique product or service, that is the pro and con of a niche business. In this discussion we explore the powerful competitive edge that niche businesses can experience by turning an unmet need into profit.


 LIFE, BUSINESS and The Pursuit of Having it ALL

As Mompreneurs and Small Business Owners we want  an exceptionally great Life, succes in Business, and are always in hot pursuit of Having It ALL.  Join me as we explore the magical balancing act of Having It All, Keeping It All and pursing more!


“If nothing more, I’m passionate.”

      – Stephanie D. Johnson


From Passion To Profits!

Does your business need guidance from an experienced CEO? I offer consulting services from a real-world and innovative perspective, delivering positive proven and lasting results.  Through personalized collaborations and coaching my clients receive solutions that are highly effective to optimize their business opportunities.  Discover the power of running your business your way.

Success Is The Only Choice!


Benefits/Results from Consulting with Stephanie

  • Courage to Pursue Passion and Excellence
  • Maximize Niche Business Opportunity
  • Increased Leadership Confidence and Capability
  • Ability To Identify and Seize Business Opportunities
  • Cultivate Long Term Business Relationships
  • Transforming Challenges into Success
  • Implementing Key Steps for Moving Your Business Forward
  • Develop Your Business Vision



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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney


Contact information

Stephanie D. Johnson

4760 Preston Road #244-298
Frisco, Texas 75034

Direct: 972-302-2827
Toll Free: 855-328-7378


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